A documentary.


We're off to make a documentary highlighting the extraordinary career of a musical legend, focusing primarily on the remarkable impact he has had on a core group of devoted fans. Viewers of all ages will no doubt be charmed by this quirky group of  “Lightheads” as they reminisce on their lifelong friendships, all formed out of a genuine and unconditional love for one man’s music.  Themes of love, dedication, and commitment are sure to resonate even with those completely unfamiliar with the music of Gordon Lightfoot.   



At the heart of this documentary is one “fan” in particular: John Corcoran, an Irish/Scottish baby boomer from East Lansing, MI, who has allowed Lightfoot’s music to play a vitally important role in his life’s journey. Attending Lightfoot shows whenever and wherever possible since 1971, John has been able to form countless relationships along the way with his unique blend of impassioned loyalty and irresistible charm.  John’s persistence and charisma would ultimately lead to real and enduring friendships with tour managers, sound engineers, band members, and ultimately Gordon Lightfoot himself, who mentioned John by name in a Dennis Miller radio interview circa 2013. 

In 2009, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal (writing an article about Lightfoot and his band) asked them who she should talk to for a “fan’s” perspective on Gord’s music…

“We’ve got just the guy…”

WSJ Article click here. 


A preview of Lightheaded during production.